Vintage Slang

December 29, 2010

If you are the kind of person who looks at awesome blogs then I am sure you have already heard of it, if not then check it:


Tiger woods gets paid over $30,000,000.00 per year (thats over 8,219.18 per day) while the workers in sweat shops get paid 2.46 per day in Indonesia, 1.60 per day in Vietnam, and 1.75 per day in China. Baltazar, an Indonesian worker says “If I don’t work overtime I can not survive.” Baltazar works an average of 40 hours overtime each week. In vietnam Nike has been found guilty of illegally forcing overtime and hazardous working environments.

Nike shoes cost $5.00 to make yet they sell for $100.00 in stores. What does this imbalance say about America?

It seems that in America we do not see the value of a strong community. The mentality is make as much money as you can, keep it, and do anything to make more, more, more! While in other places the mentality is make as much money as you can and contribute to your community.

American government and society needs to become aware of the value of a healthy family. If you have healthy families then you have a strong community, and a prosperous country! We need to realize that If we support the families of America then society as a whole benefits.

If you are feeling particularly soulfull and wish to change the world in a positive way then write and/or call Nike at:


One Bowerman Drive

Beaverton, OR 97005

1 800 344 6453 (press 3 for comments)

For more info visit:

1 415 255 7296

Also visit:

Question: “What is a Revolution?”

Answers: “There are various definitions of a revolution. The first is, “a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving”. The second is “the overthrow of a government by those who are governed”. The third is “rotation: a single complete turn”.

To me, a revolution is a personal act that requires each individual to make a conscious shift. Every single individual is important because in order to have a larger change or shift there must be numerous small changes or shifts.  What do you think?

I believe that the government should be an counterbalance to corporate America rather than a force against the people.”

Micro revolutions lead to macro revolutions!

Question: “How do I create change?”

Answers :“Let me start off by stating that the only thing you can be certain will happen is change. Change is inevitable. So I believe what you want to know is “How can I create positive change?”.

Begin by envisioning the change you want to see. Then ask yourself these questions; why do you want this? Would it benefit the earth as a whole? What is the essence of what you want? How would you feel if you received it? Now, In your every day life take action to create the change in your corner of the universe. The solution is in you. It can be as simple as spreading love to everyone you encounter.

India, My Love.

April 22, 2010

The colors, the colors really catch my eye. I also love the intricate details such as beads sewn on to the fabric to create a textured pattern. If I were to do a india inspired line of clothing then I would incorporate the bold colors with simple colors like black, white or grey. I would incorporate the sheer fabric and long scarves but I would add more folds and form fitting features. 

The jewelry from India is also very note-worthy. Most of the pieces i have seen from india are very unique. They are so beautiful that they would easily be paired with a simple black dress and there you go– an elegant evening outfit. I love the fact that they use real stones and crystals, I believe that crystals emit energy that effects the person wearing it. Right now I am wearing rose quarts, turquoise and tourmaline.