Vintage Slang

December 29, 2010

If you are the kind of person who looks at awesome blogs then I am sure you have already heard of it, if not then check it:


Photography Not Allowed!

July 17, 2010


Friday I volunteer at the Sharon Art Studio. Today I brought my camera on our trip to the De Young Museum. These are the pictures I took using 100 Color Film on a Pentax camera..

Aida Set Design

July 17, 2010

Theatre Tech Assignment

It’s a little rough around the edges, but you get the idea.

July 5, 2010

Yes, after a long awaited arrival I am back. I am back to the business of informing others of things I am intrigued by. As of late I have been into Tarot cards. I recently received the Aleister Crowley Throth deck as a gift. I have spent hours examining each card’s art work, each one is so exquisite and detailed that they open your mind to new thought possibilities. My favorite is The Aeon A.K.A. the XX of Trumps. The reason this card is particularly fascinating is because of the use of Egyptian symbols and gods. Also the bright color and contrasting dark blue grab my eyes attention. I love the starry night effect above the being’s head. As a whole this deck is very well constructed the different suits are expressed with vivacity and a clear crisp message is understood even by the most un-trained tarot card readers. When conducting a reading one who has not yet committed each cards meaning to memory might refer to a book. I am using one called ‘Tarot Basics’ and is is all right yet the flowerly language is hard to follow. However because the Crowley deck is so visually stimulating is is enitrely possible to do a reading where the person being read can look at the picture and interpret it for themselves. Ideally, both methods are interwoven to create a highly personalized and informative reading.

Yesterday in Tech we had meeting about next years shows. I went to the costume designers meeting, naturally. The line up goes something like this: Huckleberry Fin (boring), I forget the name but we are just going to rent all the costumes (boring-ER), I remember mama (1930’s women from the middle of nowhere…. thrilling.) and finally, Aladdin.

When asked what I wanted to work on I jumped on Aladdin.

Later I found out that one of my best friends, Pailin, will be directing it.

Pai’s mom owns a store on Haight where they sell imports from India, Thailand, and other countries that have the same feel as the Arab culture. (FYI Aladdin is set in fictional Arabian city, Agrabah.)

So here how it is all going to be set up. I draw what it will all look like then I assign underclassmen to do the drab work. The strange thing is I was the only one who jumped at the idea of being the head haunch. Everyone else either wanted to work a different show or they would take any show– as long as they were and assistant.

Thank you Multiverse!

I love you too.


April 20, 2010

The other day I was looking at how Victorian people wore clothes with a lot of buttons. I took that idea and combined it with a red flower. this is what I came up with…

…I want those shoes so bad!


April 20, 2010

Recently, all aspects of my information rich environment has simultaneously been focused on the 1920’s jazz era. I am in love! It is great! First off, I learned about it in my history class, then we read the Great Gatsby in English, and then in tech, I worked on the show ‘Fiorello’. Fiorello is set in the 1914-1920 for the first act and then in the second act it is 1920-1925…ish. I had a great deal of fun. I designed and made 17 flapper dresses… holy cow! What a job, I could never have done it without my lovely assistant, Araceli. I also designed and made a separate, unique flapper dress for the lead of the flapper scene. Her dress was more in depth and fancy.

As I continued to look into the fashion of that era I saw the classic beauty for what it really was and thus decided that it is going to be the next big thing in the fashion universe. In particular I see the low wasted cuts and flowing, loose fits becoming very popular.

Separate from my ‘Fiorello’ adventure, here is a sketch of a dress that I thought up. Inspired by the 1920’s… of course.