In fact Thor hates it. I placed a one dollar bill in front of him and he dind’t even look at it. Then I placed a ten and he showed the same reaction. I moved it close to his nose and as he caught a whiff of it’s evil aroma he veered his head back in disgust.

What does this say?

Place a ten dollar bill in font of anyone who understands what money is and they’ll at least look at it. Most would go so far as to steal it. If you past the obvious and use critical thinking I have concluded that it is perfectly possible to live happily without money.

On the subject of money… earlier today I was on the phone with this lady from the Academy of art university and we were talking about their summer art classes. I heard (from a reliable source) they were free and when I looked it up they were 532 dollars. She told me that “nothing is free” I replied with “Well it depends where you look” and then she blabbed on about what a good opportunity this is. She then used an example “If there was an acting class for $500 dollars and it was taught by Robin Williams then I would jump in the opportunity!”

“haha well that’s funny because he has so much money it would be a waist of his time! If that is what he really wanted to do he would do it for free.”

So there — “money is not trade able because it is changeable.” -Kiron Wagner