December 29, 2010

Drawings - Kaylin by Alessandra Bolger


Photography Not Allowed!

July 17, 2010


Friday I volunteer at the Sharon Art Studio. Today I brought my camera on our trip to the De Young Museum. These are the pictures I took using 100 Color Film on a Pentax camera..

July 5, 2010

Yes, after a long awaited arrival I am back. I am back to the business of informing others of things I am intrigued by. As of late I have been into Tarot cards. I recently received the Aleister Crowley Throth deck as a gift. I have spent hours examining each card’s art work, each one is so exquisite and detailed that they open your mind to new thought possibilities. My favorite is The Aeon A.K.A. the XX of Trumps. The reason this card is particularly fascinating is because of the use of Egyptian symbols and gods. Also the bright color and contrasting dark blue grab my eyes attention. I love the starry night effect above the being’s head. As a whole this deck is very well constructed the different suits are expressed with vivacity and a clear crisp message is understood even by the most un-trained tarot card readers. When conducting a reading one who has not yet committed each cards meaning to memory might refer to a book. I am using one called ‘Tarot Basics’ and is is all right yet the flowerly language is hard to follow. However because the Crowley deck is so visually stimulating is is enitrely possible to do a reading where the person being read can look at the picture and interpret it for themselves. Ideally, both methods are interwoven to create a highly personalized and informative reading.

Golden Park

April 21, 2010

One day in Golden Gate Park I drew this… \

…and met a lovely young man who happens to live in the ‘neib.