Tiger woods gets paid over $30,000,000.00 per year (thats over 8,219.18 per day) while the workers in sweat shops get paid 2.46 per day in Indonesia, 1.60 per day in Vietnam, and 1.75 per day in China. Baltazar, an Indonesian worker says “If I don’t work overtime I can not survive.” Baltazar works an average of 40 hours overtime each week. In vietnam Nike has been found guilty of illegally forcing overtime and hazardous working environments.

Nike shoes cost $5.00 to make yet they sell for $100.00 in stores. What does this imbalance say about America?

It seems that in America we do not see the value of a strong community. The mentality is make as much money as you can, keep it, and do anything to make more, more, more! While in other places the mentality is make as much money as you can and contribute to your community.

American government and society needs to become aware of the value of a healthy family. If you have healthy families then you have a strong community, and a prosperous country! We need to realize that If we support the families of America then society as a whole benefits.

If you are feeling particularly soulfull and wish to change the world in a positive way then write and/or call Nike at:


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1 800 344 6453 (press 3 for comments)

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